Puncture crime
Dear Sir,
This describes a worrying crime that seems to be getting more prolific with little being done this happened to us June 1st this year:
If you are collecting a hire car or collecting a car from a storage company then you should be aware of a crime that is becoming more common. The criminals will puncture your tyre at some point when you collect your car, it happened to us as we stopped at a roundabout just out side an airport car park where we had collected our friends car. Fortunately my wife saw someone get out of the car behind and go to our rear tyre, at first she though they were looking for something then she realized what had happened . We were already on the dual carriage way to Palma. Within seconds of her realizing what had happened our tyre started to deflate. We could see the car that the criminal got back into was following us . Friends that visited us last year were the victims of a similar crime, they stopped to exchange a wheel with a puncture after just collecting their hire car, some men stopped to offer help which they declined but realized only when they got to Puerto Pollensa that one of their bags with money, camera and laptop has d been stolen. So we knew then that we were the potential victims of a similar crime. Instead of stopping we continued on with the tyre becoming almost detached from the rim another vehicle came in front of us turning on its hazard lights and trying to get us to stop, but we continued and after several very anxious and frightening minutes made it to the garage at Pont d’Inca where we got the people to call the police . Whilst changing the wheel our wives started shouting at us that the guy that had punctured our tyre was in the garage shop he disappeared quickly when recognised and our wives realised they had seen him wondering around with a mobile phone in the airport carpark. The police that attended advised us that we would have to report the incident to a Guardia station which we did the following day at Puerto Pollensa. I also advised the airport carpark, a company we have used several times, that they had a potential security problem. I sent them two emails and have not received a reply, two friends have since collected cars from the airport carpark and brought up this security problem to which they denied all knowledge!
It is not isolated to this airport car park and is a risk wherever you collect a car. So far we have heard nothing from the Guardia or the airport car park . There should at least be warnings of a procedure to adopt in case this happens. I would suggest they advise customers if they get a puncture after collecting their car they should remain with the car and call the hire or recovery company. Alternatively get a taxi and hire a car locally. Since this has happened to us we have been made aware of many similar robberies. It is a serious issue that needs addressing and stopping.
Rodney Binley

Dear Sir,
We have a local candidate for our Sunday/Monday Viewpoint – 3 cheers or the boo.
The three cheers should be for Palma Mayor Isern who is deploying 70% more police to the Playa de Palma to counteract the lack of law and order over the summer (Daily B June 17). A big boo should go to Mayor Manu of Calvia who while admitting the quadrupling of summer population will only increase his response by 10% (Daily B June 14). The article excuses itself that quadrupling the police as obviously impossible. Why is it impossible? It is not so obvious to Mayor Isern who at least is close to doubling the force on his beach.
It must have made depressing reading to those stalwarts on Sunday’s Magalluf march that before they even set off one of their main requests was not being thoroughly addressed by their Mayor! If business quadruples couldn’t they spend a lot more? An extra 40 officers spread all over Calvia providing a 24 hour shift service 7 days a week not forgetting days off and other down times will not translate to a notable presence. On the ground it will amount to a paltry increase.
To date the World Cup has been full of large score surprises. Let’s hope this debacle doesn’t foretell a later outcome - Germany (Bier Strasse) 7 England (Magaluf) 1.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma


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