Palma.—It is not only here the authorities are concerned about the high risk of forest fires this summer,  so too is central government.
Yesterday, the Minister for the Environment and Agriculture, Isabel Garcia Tejerina said that the authorities are deeply concerned about the extremely high risk of forest fires this summer, especially along the West coast of mainland Spain and here in the Balearics.
Last year, Majorca was hit by its worst forest fire in history, but an unusually dry Winter and Spring combined with the forecast of unusually high temperatures has set alarm bells ringing.
Tejerina  yesterday unveiled the nationwide anti-forest fire campaign in to which Madrid has pumped 79 million euros this year, three million more than in 2013.
On stand by at key strategic locations around the country are 67 aircraft to fight fires from the air and a team of  545 reinforcement fire fighters ready to be rapidly deployed to any  major fire across the country.