THE Balearic Government believes that the ills of Magalluf can be resolved with money.  Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza toured the resort yesterday and said that once the new 85 million euro improvement plan is completed many of the security problems in Magalluf will cease. It is a bold statement. In other words Magalluf will be going up-market with new refurbished hotels and other attractions.  According to Bauza, the writing is on the wall for the stag and hen “holidays” and they will be replaced by tourists with a greater spending power and who will probably stay clear of the infamous Calle Punta Ballena, if it still exists in its present form. It is an ambitious  plan.You take one of the most famous party holiday destinations in the world, throw money at its hotels and attractions and instead of attracting young people you get young families.  Well that is the theory.   But Iam not convinced. You can´t transform Magalluf from the party resort of the world to a nice upmarket holiday destination in a matter of months. It is going to take time. And of course there are other hotels in Magalluf which will continue to cater for the same market. So, on one side of Magalluf you are going to have big spending families staying at refurbished hotels and on the other side you are going to have the stag and hen nights. Do the two mix? Well like oil and water! So the future may be bright for Magalluf but there is still plenty of work to do.


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