While the authorities set about tackling the problems in Magalluf, it appears  that the local community is prepared to take matters into its own hands.

Palma.—The posting of the  video of the 18-year-old girl from Northern Ireland performing sex acts on 24 men in a Magalluf bar appears to have blown the lid off  Magalluf’s lurid activities and many of the bar owners believe it is time to put  an end to the pub crawls.
Recently, Calvia Council brought in new legislation regulating pub crawls but it appears that bar owners in the resort have had enough.
The Bulletin understands that bar owners intend to launch a petition calling for Calvia Council to ban pub crawls.
The main complaints are that the pub crawls only generate income for the companies  organising them and that the end results is  that  a landlord has a bar packed full of people who have already paid for their drinks literally drinking the bar dry without spending any money in the bar or bars visited on the crawl.
What is more, for the independent bar owners, the organised pub crawls cost them clients and money.
Bar owners who attended yesterday’s meeting are also tired of the noise the pub crawls generate and the fact that they eventually tend to congregate in the middle of Punta Ballena, blocking the road and causing damage to property.


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