By Richie Prior


ELL it’s certainly been a busy week with Majorca never far from the headlines. All the media in the UK have been descending on our little island after that video went viral.

I just wanted to talk today about what I consider to be my home.

I’ve lived and worked here since 1990 mainly in the South of the island and most of it in Magalluf. So I would say I’m pretty well qualified to comment on what has been going on.

I love this island as I said it’s what I call home, I got married here, my two boys were born here and go to a Spanish school.

I love the diversity of the island and it really does have something for everyone.

If one street reflects the true Majorca then the media are way off the mark. Firstly I think the majority of right minded people would agree that the video is pretty disgusting and shouldn’t be happening as a form of "entertainment". This is all a part of a drinking culture that Magalluf has been a part of since I have known it. Where perhaps it has changed is that it is now far easier and cheaper to get completely pie-eyed than it was before. Bars and clubs are now offering the cheapest all you can drink booze for small change or less! Years ago you would spend a good deal of time and money to get that drunk. Not only that you slept all day in your hotel to prepare for the next night!

But now look at the number of hotels that offer the all-inclusive packages encouraging people to drink all day. Is it any wonder their behaviour worsens when they are out in resort?

Also remembering that Magalluf became popular in a time when you couldn’t drink all day in the UK. Pubs and clubs only opened at certain times so when they came here Brits would really let their hair down.

The measures were bigger and if you knew where to go you could drink here for 24 hours.

It’s different in the UK now, there is definitely a booze culture and it’s not really discouraged you only have to go to anyone of the big supermarkets to see that. So by offering the cheap booze and the all you can drink for hardly anything it’s seems we’ve got to the stage where the behaviour is more outrageous and by the look of it, it’s being pushed to the limits.

However are we all seriously thinking that this sort of thing hasn’t happened before and not only the Punta Ballena? I would say if you went to San Antonio Ibiza, Playa de Las Americas Tenerife, Ayia Napa Cyprus, Las Vegas, America and even dare I mention Blackpool, England, you would see very similar things to what you’re seeing here.

I remember back in the early 2000’s of one particular bar that used to have live sex shows and encouraged people to join in!

Everybody I knew then went to that bar and knew it went on but nothing was done. A whole club experience in Ibiza built it’s reputation on the more outrageous it could be. What has changed though is everything can now be recorded on a mobile phone and sent around the World in seconds as we have seen. What goes on in Magalluf no longer stays in Magalluf!

The authorities now say there is going to be a crackdown but why now? Just because this has gone Worldwide? There have been plenty of opportunities to look at this problem but in the eyes of politicians "if it ain’t broke" and surely the reaction is now after the horse has bolted?

Some say bad publicity can be good publicity but according to the powers that be not in this case. All political parties are now arguing that this wouldn’t have happened in our day but the truth is it did. Magalluf or the Punta Ballena has always been there and has always been the place you went to for a change from the real World. What has changed is the boundaries that people are prepared to go to what they call "entertainment".

There has been a lot of investment in the resort over the last few years from people such as Meliá, Nikki Beach, Mallorca Rocks and the newly planned BH Hotel next year in a move to upgrade the resort. In my mind a good move as all this does bring a different type of clientele but the Punta Ballena is still there. So does this spell the end for it?

I for one would hope not.

It’s obvious it’s still what some people are looking for I think it just needs to be regulated better. Not draconian laws that are there to discourage but encourage bars and clubs to better what they do. Not an easy task I know but it can be done.

Majorca is still a very popular holiday destination and I’m sure it will carry on to be. The rich and famous are still flocking here so it can’t all be bad. I for one call it my home and will not be moving!

Enjoy your weekend.

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