Palma.—Jeffrey, who is also an expert English teacher and writes a weekly educational column for the Bulletin, has been touring the island as part of the documentary which is due to be broadcast on ITV.

Jeffrey has been interviewing British expatriates who live all over the island, in particular in Puerto Pollensa, which appears a million miles away from Magalluf.

The documentary also features a host of the island’s most beautiful locations and a series of interviews with people involved in the tourist industry, such as Pepe Tirado, the President of ACOTUR, the Magalluf and Palmanova association of tourist businesses.

Jeffrey wanted to interview the Mayor of Calvia, Manu Onieva, but apparently, the council has done everything to turn her down.

So, last Saturday night, while Magalluf was still crawling with journalists and TVcrews from the United Kingdom, Jeffrey and her camera man headed to Punta Ballena to see what is going on this summer.

And what she saw left her speechless.

"Some of the British holiday makers staggering around Punta Ballena didn’t even know the name of the street. All they knew is that they were in Magalluf and that ‘anything goes’," Jeffrey said.

But, it was while she and her camera crew were trying to film the antics of the thousands of tourists that they were attacked by a group of drunken holiday makers.

Jeffrey was hit in the face by a giant inflatable item while the cameraman suffered minor injuries.

"The street was just total chaos, people were constantly touching me, pushing in to me and this is what we are going to feature in the documentary.

"Being half English, I was ashamed of the behaviour of these kids, and from my Majorcan point of view, equally ashamed because no body is apparently doing anything to stop all this from going on," Jeffrey said.

"Why is it that if a group of Spaniards landed in London in this condition (seriously drunk) they would be refused entry, why do we let them in here?" Jeffrey added.

And, the spectacle went on and on well into the early hours with scores of young people telling Jeffrey that they couldn’t wait to repeat their experiences on the pub crawls or the party boats.

"They’re cheap and all the booze and sex is thrown in" they kept telling Jeffrey.

She was not the only local member of the media to have been attacked over the past week. Crime photographer Michels, who collaborates with the Bulletin, was assaulted, beaten and had a camera stolen in Punta Ballena.


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