By Gerry Mulligan

Atimely reminder; if you leave your valuables unattended anywhere, the light fingered fraternity will remove them very quickly. Apart from remembering not to leave items in your car in full view, you must remember that leaving your valuables in your hotel rooms is just as bad! Furthermore, a wallet protruding from your back pocket or an open handbag all entice the criminal element to relieve you of them. Although these reminders may seem trivial to you, they won’t if you ignore them and become a victim.

San Antonio (Ibiza) – Drug Trafficking

When a 22 year old Nigerian male noticed a Guardia Civil patrol he set off on the run and at the same time threw away a package containing 12 doses of marijuana. Needless to say he was soon arrested and the package retrieved.More disturbingly was the arrest of a 22 year old British citizen who threatened people with a knife when they would not stop to purchase the drugs he was peddling with an accomplice. When arrested he had 13 ecstasy pills on his person.

Sant Antoni de Portmany – Theft

MORE successes have been achieved by the pooling of resources and mounting joint operations between the Local Police and the Guardia Civil. Six people have been arrested and from a further 22, 15 have been reported for contravening local laws such as hawking and prostitution. The six were arrested on the beach which were being monitored by the joint forces. It was 1.30 am when 2 Romanian citizens who tried to make maximum use of the darkness to steal mobile phones from unsuspecting tourists on the beach. The 2 thieves were quickly arrested and the items returned to their rightful owners. The remaining 4 who were arrested were of foreign origin and caught attempting to sell balloons filled with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Obviously the authorities do not consider the sale of this illegal gas a laughing matter!

Sant Antoni de Portmany – Drug Trafficking

A 34-year-old Moroccan male was arrested in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany and charged with the tr afficking of unlawful drugs. An initial cursory search of the detainee revealed 70 grams of hashish and €850 in cash which was money accrued from the illegal sales.

Cadepera – Burglary

THE Guardia Civil apprehended a 19 year old Moroccan male and charged him with several burglaries which had been committed in farms around the town of Cadepera. Many of the burglaries were effected around dawn when the occupants were sleeping. On one occasion he was almost caught when an owner awoke and chased him from the house. In his escape he dropped a number of mobile phones. A subsequent search of the thief’s home revealed a stash of stolen items which included two laptop computers, a camera and a video game.

Calvia – Theft

A hotel employee in the town of Calvia was arrested by the Guardia Civil after stealing a total of €12,000 in cash from a safety deposit box in the office. Having obtained the security code with which to open the box, the thief gained access to the box on 3 separate occasions, taking different amounts each time.

Palmanova and Magalluf – Theft

After receiving several reports of theft from hotels in the Palmanova and Magalluf areas agents of the Guardia Civil mounted an investigation. As a result, a 36 year old British male was found to be entering the hotels posing as a tourist and was arrested. After entering the hotel and getting into his room, he would jump from balcony to balcony committing his thefts from valuables left in bone fide tourists staying at the hotels. His house in Torrenova Calvia was searched and among the items seized were; expensive mobile phones, jewellery, about €3,000 in Swedish, Danish and Russian currencies. The total haul was valued at about €5,000. The detainee has so far been charged with fifteen separate offences and further charges have not been ruled out!


And so the Guardia Civil do their best to protect us from the professional criminals but you need to help them and yourselves by being alert to your surroundings. It takes but a few seconds to look around the area around your house and note whether there is anything out of place. Remember if it does not look right it usually isn’t. Emergency telephone numbers; Guardia Civil 062 and National Police 112.



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