The Calvia council have taken action against a pub crawl company and the bar where the infamous sex game video was allegedly filmed.

The Calvia council yesterday issued this following statement: “The Calvia town council notified the owner of the Playhouse establishment in Calle Martin Ros Garcia in Magalluf and also the management of the company Carnage Magalluf on Thursday night of a closure order of 12 months and a fine of 55,000 euros, because after a long investigation by the local police in Calvia, it has been established that it was here that the sex-game video was filmed. According to police the video was filmed in June. Carnage Magalluf is also considered to be responsible as the organiser and promoter of this activity which took place during a pub crawl.

“We must remembered that after that the appearance of the video the Mayor of Calvia Manu Onieva, apart from showing his complete disgust at these sort of practices,announced an indepth investigation to establish where the video had been filmed. The results of this investigation were known over the last few hours and the following, as stated above, was taken.”

The press release goes on to list the charges which we list briefly.

  1. “...It is strictly prohibited the sale, hire or showing to people who are under age of material (videos etc) which is deemed to be pornographic....”
  2. “The entrance of people who are under age (under sixteen) to bars, discoes and nightclubs is prohited unless they are accompanied by an elder (with permission from parents or guardian) or parents or guardian...”

The two affected parties have a period of 15 days in which to appeal.


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