OVER the last month we have all criticised the Calvia Council for allegedly not doing enough over Magalluf. The fact that there was no knee-jerk reaction to the infamous sex-game video did put the council in the firing line. But I am reliably informed that the Mayor of Calvia, Manu Onieva, likes to cross his “Ts” and dot the “i” and therefore will not be pushed into action unless he has the complete picture and the support of the law. Yesterday, his council announced a big fine and a closure order on the bar, where the sex-game video was allegedly filmed. The pub crawl company has also been held responsible by the council. This matter is now in the hands of lawyers and the Council legal department and comes after a lengthy police investigation but in fairness to the council they have taken action and only did so when they were in possession of the facts or at least how they see them. Gathering evidence takes time and Onieva would not be rushed. He wanted the job done properly and would not move until the police investigation was completed. According to yesterday´s press release it has now been completed and the council have taken the necessary action. So perhaps after all the criticism some praise for the Mayor and his council. And also some praise for our very own Councillor Angela Guerrero, who has taken plenty of criticism over Magalluf. The council have acted and they will act again if necessary.


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