Tourism is leading the fall in unemployment. | GERMAN G. LAMA


The Balearics is continuing to lead the turn around in the employment sector posting a 10% year-on-year fall in the number of people out of work.

Palma.—But, according to the latest reports, consumer confidence, after four consecutive months on the rise, dipped by 0.4 percent last month.
The Ministry for Employment and Social Security yesterday announced that the number of people out of work in July here in the Balearics, was 10.43 percent down on the same period last year, the sharpest year-on-year drop in Spain.
However, albeit is the holiday season, compared to June, only 455 new jobs were created in the Balearics, just 0.73 percent and union bosses said yesterday that they had been expecting a much larger jump, especially in service and hostelry sectors.
What is more, most of those new jobs were landed by foreign residents.
The number of foreign residents out of work last month was 2,065 fewer than a year ago with 342 finding work and reducing the total number of unemployed foreign residents to 11,423. 7,705 of those are non European Union citizens while the remaining 3,718 are European residents in the Balearics.