Over the past month or so, I, as usual, have been stopped by holiday makers of all nationalities asking for directions, but something has changed.
Very few, depending on the generation,  are fighting to try and get their map the right way up and adequately folded.
Most people are clutching their smart phones on which they have Googled their destination and where they want to go - all they needed from me was to tell them if they were close to their final destination - and off they go.
Visitors  can even talk to their smart phones and ask for directions, but still, a local resident is needed to finally point the lost holiday maker in the exact direction.
What has struck me is that holiday makers are walking around with mini tourist offices in their pockets or on their Ipads which, in fact, provide more real time information than many of the tourist offices and, of course, this information can be accessed from anywhere at any time of the day.
I know, on the ParcBit technology park companies like Microsoft are busy working on improving tourism technology and I think it is going to radically change tourism for the better.
Specials Apps will be able to provide all the information you need before departure, even booking excursions or tickets to shows, and then keep you up to date while on holiday. The translator App can also be down loaded so no more need for the outdated ‘phrase book’ anymore. ‘Where can Iiron my trousers?’ will no longer be the first phrase learnt before packing your suitcases.