Balearic soft drink manufacturers are calling on the government to step up quality inspections on drinks served in all inclusive hotels.

The Association of Soft Drink Manufacturers and Food Products affiliated to PIMEM, the association of small to medium sized businesses in Majorca, have called on the Balearic Government’s consumer department to increase its quality control inspections of drinks and certain food products being served in all inclusive hotels and resorts in Majorca.
The President of the association, Leonor Fuster, said yesterday that they have proof that in certain all inclusive resorts standards are slipping and corners are being cut.

Consumer affairs
“They are not serving drinks and food which meet the quality standards required by the government’s consumer affairs or health and safety departments.

“We want inspectors to make sure what the contents of the drinks and food items are and that they have not passed their sell by date,” she added.

“What is more, we want to make sure that all locally produced and bottled soft drinks are properly labelled and provide the required information about the contents and ingredients of the drink."