Computer generated images of how the reformed Playa de Palma will eventually look. | R.L.


Finally, the Integral Reform of the Playa de Palma has been provisionally approved, the Council of Majorca now has the last say. And, despite the project still having to go before the Council of Majorca, which is unlikely to over rule yesterday’s decision, the Majorcan tourist industry unanimously welcomed the announcement yesterday.
The project was put on hold in 2012, much to the disappointment of the domestic and foreign tourist sectors, but now it appears that the Playa de Palma is going to get a total make over.
The Integral Reform of the Playa de  Palma  (PRI) is going to involve 104 million euros of public funding with the bulk, 365 million euros, coming  from  the private sector making the total budget for the project 469 million euros which could obviously increase once work gets under way.
Following yesterday’s meeting, the Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern and the Balearic Minister for Tourism and Sport, Jaime Martinez, said that the final decision will be taken between November and December of this year.
The public funds are going to be used to improve the general infrastructure of the front line, such as installing an under ground waste collection system, improving the quality of the water, accesses to the beach, landscaping the promenade, reforming the squares and improving street lighting, for example.
The private investment will be spent on upgrading hotels and holiday apartment blocks and allowing four star hotels to upgrade to five by building an extra floor. However, a cap is going to be put on the height on hotels wishing to upgrade their rating.
They can be no taller than a ground floor plus seven floors of accommodation.
Those new hotels which are going to be built have to be either four or five star and can be no taller than a ground floor plus six floors of accommodation.