By Francisco Cortez

Cleaning some of the busiest streets of Calvia is no easy job. The 31 street cleaners assigned with the task to do so on a daily basis can testify to that.Every morning from Easter until the end of September street cleaners are working against the clock to leave the local streets ready after another night of rowdy parties on the streets of Magalluf, mainly in Punta Ballena, s’Olivera, La Avenida, Pere Vaquer, Cala Blanca and Martin Ros Garcia.
The trail of disorder and rubbish left behind by the thousands of youngsters who party in the area every night is a handful.
That’s when Calvia 2000, the local municipal street cleaning brigade comes into action. With the help of 13 vehicles, it’s their mission to clean up the mess between 6.30 am and 10 am so local tourists and residents, who wish to enjoy the best the area has to offer during the day, can do so without having to wade through rubbish.