Local Police Chief Jose Antonio Navarro Muñoz was apparently reported by bar owners in Punta Ballena.

A full investigation was under way last night after the Chief of Calvia Local Police and two other members of the force were arrested for alleged extortion.

Palma.—Calvia Local Police Chief, Jose Antonio Navarro Muñoz, and two other members of the local force, were arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning apparently following alleged corruption claims filed by business people in Magalluf, in particular Calle Punta Ballena.

On remand
All three of the police officers appeared before a Palma judge  and were ordered to be held on remand in Palma prison while the investigation continues.
It is understood that  the claimants presented alleged proof of extortion by the three officers  at the office of the  Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in Palma  on Friday. Some of the disgruntled business people were quoted yesterday  as saying alleged favouritism by the officers was having a serious effect on their businesses.
“It’s not about making money anymore, it’s about surviving,” one of the businessmen told the judge.
“You don’t mess with our livelihoods. We have nothing to lose.”