The lamp post being inspected after the accident. | Vasil Vasilev

The Mayor of Bunyola, Jaume Isern, and a local council engineer, were yesterday charged with involuntary manslaughter after the death  of a teenager during the local fiestas on Saturday night.

Palma.—In the early hours of Sunday morning, 18-year-old David Grimaldos Gonzalez died after he received a fatal electric shock  when he leaned against a lamp post while urinating during Bunyola’s annual fiestas.
The tragic accident happened just after 12.30am  and paramedics, who battled for 45 minutes at the scene,  were unable to resuscitate the young man from Palma.
The fiestas were suspended as a result of the  accident and on Monday, both the mayor and the council electrician were questioned by the Guardia Civil.
They were both later released with charges while the Guardia Civil continues with its investigation.
The teenager’s family has called for justice.