NOW I know that politicians have a bad reputations but former Conservative Member of Parliament Mark Reckless was certainly rather cruel to his old party when he defected to the United Kingdom Independence Party on Saturday. Not only did he stab Prime Minister David Cameron in the back the move was timed to torpedo the Conservative Party conference. I can´t understand why an MP, can stand for a party win a safe seat, and then jump ship without the slightest show of remorse. In fact he seemed to be enjoying all the attention. Now I know that the Conservatives have been dubbed the Nasty Party but this was really nasty and in some ways rather shameful. Not only did Mr. Reckless attack the Prime Minister over Europe he also claimed that the Conservatives had mismanaged the economy. I think it is time that Cameron put his house in order. This is the second Conservative Member of Parliament to defect to UKIP in a month and the Prime Minister must be wondering if he has any other “traitors in the wings.”  The party line is clearly being broken. Now, UKIP will obviously be feeling rather upbeat but it must be remembered that they are still a “one ticket wonder.” Pull out of Europe and then what? UKIP leader Nigel Farage criticised Scottish nationalist Alex Salmond for having no plan “B” but the same can be said about UKIP.  Cameron must weed out the “bad apples” before it is too late.


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