The majority of jobs lost were in the tourist industry.


The number of people who lost their jobs in the Balearics last month rose more than in any other region in Spain as the tourist season began to wind down.

Palma.—A total of 2,711 jobs were axed last month in the Balearics, pushing the rate of unemployment up by 4.35 percent in comparison with August, the sharpest monthly rise in Spain as the tourist industry began preparing for the end of the summer season.
The national  average month on month rise in unemployment was 0.45 percent with the Balearics well out stripping that figure.

Not all bad news
But, it is not all bad news.
At the end of September there were a total of 65.093 people officially registered as out of work in the Balearics, that was 7,305 or 10.09 percent fewer than at the end of September last year.
The Balearic government admitted that it was disappointed about the sharp monthly rise in the number of people out of work  but, looking at the global picture, welcomed the fact that, year on year, more people are in work and that new, full time jobs are being created.
Union leaders, however, claimed that they forecast that this would happen come the end of the tourist season with the majority of those people back on the dole having been part time seasonal workers, and most of those, young people.


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