THE Spanish Socialist Party in the Balearics has said that if they win the local elections next May they will scrap the Balearic government´s controversial three language teaching plan. The plan  has already caused plenty of upheaval for students of all ages. In other words local schools have moved from a teaching plan which had more emphasis on Catalan to one which now includes three languages, English, Spanish and Catalan.  All this in the space of three years. If the socialists are successful next spring they will reintroduce the teaching plan which has more emphasis on Catalan again. Now, obviously these sudden changes in the school curriculum are not good for pupils. You can´t keep on moving the goal posts when you are dealing with the education of our children. I think that there should be all party support for any new education programme. Our politicians for once should put  their differences aside  and sit down and hammer out a plan which works for all;teachers, parents and ofcourse pupils, For too long in the Balearics the education system has been used as a political football by the various parties. Every four years it  is changed just to satisfy the political needs and wishes of the party in power. This state of affairs is not acceptable and action needs to be taken. I don´t care if it is a three language plan or single language plan, but it should be a lasting plan and one which is not changed every four years after an election.


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