By Francisco Cortez

Majorcan artesian basins or aquifers have less water reserves than in 2013, but are still enough to ensure there is enough to supply the region.

Palma.—The recent heat wave and lack of rain in the region have had a negative  impact on Majorca’s water reserves.
Last month the level of water stored was 48 percent of its total capacity, compared with the 52 percent registered during the same period last year.
Since November 2006, that the level of water stored hasn’t been so low.
There is nonetheless no need for alarm, as with the autumn season now in full flow, authorities are expecting the water reserves to increase during the next few weeks, as it happens regularly this time of the year.
 In Palma specifically, the level of water stored has also declined four percent from September 2013.  Between Gorg, Blau and Cuber’s aquifers, the city has 4,5 million cubic litres in its reserves, amounting to 38 percent of its capacity.
Despite the decline, levels are once again enough to supply the city for the foreseeable future.


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