By Francisco Cortez

The anti bullfight movement in Majorca is  continuing to grow, and Palma could soon become the next municipality to ban the blood sport.

Palma.— Government opposition parties PSIB (Socialist Party) and Nationalist Party Mes have this week drafted a proposal in favour of banning bullfighting  which is to be discussed at the next local  council session.
Both believe Palma should become an “anti bullfighting and animal friendly municipality”.
 Backed by animal rights protection groups AnimaNaturalis and CAS International (Mallorca Sense Sang “Majorca without blood”), both parties argue that animal cruelty, in particular bullfights, are “a social step backwards”.
“We don’t want shows and events that shame and upset the majority of our local citizens,” Mes spokeswoman Neus Truyol said.
An opinion shared by  PSIB representatives, who added that several municipalities across Majorca and Europe have already adopted such measures. “We support the opinion of the locals, and the large majority are  in favour of putting these practices to bed.
“We want the venues where such events take place to be put to better use.
“We demand new protection laws for animals, be they wild or domestic.


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