A new association, Calvià con futuro (Calvia with a future) was presented yesterday and its immediate aim is to get to grips with the problems in Magalluf.

Palma.—British resident Laura Holmes Cameron, who owns a nightclub and a pub in Magalluf and has lived on the island for 31 years, is the vice chairman of the new association.
Yesterday, she explained to  the Bulletin that, in response to events in Magalluf this summer when the resort got out of control, a decision was taken to create an association for tourism businesses in Calvia  “which will give small businesses of all nationalities a voice.”
“At the moment, the Spanish are acting alone and not getting heard by the local authorities and many of the expatriates feel they have no voice at all. So, what we intend to do over the coming weeks is bring as many local businesses, especially the bars, clubs and restaurants - all the tourism businesses - together and discuss where we’ve gone wrong, admit to the mistakes we’ve all made and decide how best to go about solving the problems.
“There’s no need to get rid of Magalluf, we just need to hold our hands up, and that includes the police, the council and other associations, and admit where we’ve made mistakes and fix them so that we cam improve the image of Magalluf so that parents and their kids can come here on holiday, feel safe and have a good time,” Laura said.
“There’s a wide range of issues we’ve got to look at, excessive drinking, noise etc. but we want people thinking for the overall good of the resort, not themselves, and I am on the board to act on behalf of the non-Spanish business community.


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