COME to Magalluf and enjoy yourself, but behave yourself is the message the local ministry for tourism is taking to the World Travel Market tourism fair in London next month.  I would like to add an alternative to this campaign;come to Magalluf have a good time and don´t worry the necessary legal framework is in  place so that there is no excessive drinking or bad behaviour. Basically, if the local ministry for tourism told me to watch my behaviour I might decide to go somewhere else on holiday because at the end of the day it is a buyer´s market. Now, obviously Magalluf was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons in Britain last summer but I don´t think that the local authorities should be reminding everyone that listens that there is a problem in Magalluf. Sort it out and let us enjoy ourselves please would be the general opinion from tourists. Everyone agrees that Magalluf needs to be cleaned-up and it is the job of the local authorities to do so. I am told that local hoteliers often tell British government representatives that Britain should be telling their tourists to  behave while on holiday. Yes ofcourse and what else? Magalluf is a home-grown problem for Majorca and it is the people of Majorca who will have to sort it out. Let us remember that Magalluf contributes many millions of euros to the local economy every year. Magalluf can only be sorted out in Magalluf not in London. Whatever happened to that campaign, A Tourist A Friend launched in Palma in the 1990s. Now it is a A Tourist A Friend providing that you  behave youself and don´t cause trouble. 


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