The forest fire campaign may have been stood down, but the risks of fires is still  high as temperatures remain above normal and conditions dry.

Palma.—At 4.40am yesterday morning a Calvia Local Police patrol, on duty in Son Ferrer, spotted large flames leaping into the air in the area of Son Gris, Galilea in the municipality of Puigpunyent.
They immediately raised the alarm and teams of Guardia Civil and fire fighters from the Majorcan fire brigade and the Ibanat forestry commission  rushed to the scene on top of Puig de Galilea.
As the emergency services arrived, the flames were being blown extremely close to a number of houses in the area and ten were immediately evacuated. In total 20 people were ordered out of their homes for safety reasons.
The security services closed off a number of streets in the picturesque village in order to allow  easy access for all the fire fighters and their equipment.

Some of the evacuated residents took their pets with them while others had been out for the night and returned home to find the village surrounded by fire.
As evacuated residents watched on, fire fighters, working with flood lights, and wearing breathing apparatus battled the blaze.
Even the police were forced to wear masks because of the intense heat and dense smoke. At first light, the emergency services were able to call in air support and helicopters began battling the blaze from the air.


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