I was rather pleased to see in an opinion poll that a growing number of Britons now want to stay within the European Union despite the recent growth of the United Kingdom Independence Party. After months of Europe bashing by UKIP and some sections of the Conservative Party it was refreshing to see that Britons still value the European Union, despite all its faults. Over recent months the European Union has been blamed for everthing by UKIP who believe that if Britain leaves the EUall the country´s ills will come to an abrupt halt. Well this is certainly not the case. This opinion poll should also give the three mainstream parties greater scope to campaign to remain in the European Union. Labour, with almost 75 percent of their supporters saying that Britain´s place is in Europe, has been silent on the issue of Britain´s membership, despite Prime Minister David Cameron promising to call a referendum if he is re-elected. The one good thing about UKIP is that it has certainly placed Britain´s membership of the European Union in the spotlight. People are now talking about Europe again and it has opened a debate. I sincerely believe that a reformed European Union is the way forward for Britain. Pulling out is a risky business and despite UKIP’s assurances it will certainly be a step into the unknown. As the opinion poll suggests UKIPmay be helping to fly the flag for the European Union in Britain and their claims are counter-productive.


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