I scanned through the Palma airport figures for this winter yesterday desperately trying to find some good news about low season flights to Britain. Iam afraid to say that there is little good news for Britain, but certainly good news for the Germans and the Spanish. There will be an important increase in winter flights to Germany this winter and also mainland Spain. But still only a few to Britain.  Why is it that the Germans have realised the importance of Majorca as a winter holiday destination but the British have clearly forgotten? All the usual arguments about winter flights have gone out of the window ,  because the Germans do believe that Majorca is a winter holiday destination;they do not believe that it is too cold, or that there is nothing happening on the island. But the British travel firms are still sticking with their standard line about winter tourism. It would make such a difference to the local economy if a larger number of hotels would remain open during the winter. At the moment there are about 100,000 people without a job in the islands and this situation is not going to get much better until the hotels start to re-open again in March.   Thankfully the Germans have seen the light and at least they will help keep some hotels open. Come on Majorca, let us get our act together and show that there is plenty happening on the island and it is well worth visiting from now until the start of the summer season.


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