THE summer season is drawing to a close but we should be upbeat. On our social media sites on Wednesday we posted a photograph of the end of the season and thanking tourists for coming to our shores in their millions. The response was immediate.  Tourists who had visited the island quickly posted how much they loved Majorca and how much they were looking forward to their return. “We have already booked,” “We will be over in June again, have a great winter,” “Fantastic island, it is our dream destination,” were just some of the comments posted on our Facebook site. It clearly underlined the love tourists have for this island.  And of course some asked why was it so difficult to get to the island during the winter. Now, obviously there are some hotels which are open this winter and there are some flights from the London area but I wish there were more. But as I said at the start of this column there are reasons to be upbeat. Now, as I said earlier, we thanked all the tourists who came here this summer which got me thinking that perhaps the local authorities should do likewise. We know that we have an extremely beautiful and fantastic island but we haven´t got a god-given right to attract tourists every year. People like to feel welcome and deserve a thank you as well, because without tourists we are nothing. So, I will say it again. Thank you to all the tourists who came here this season and hope to see you again next year.


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