Conservative support for vote change.


A major political push is underway in Britain so that all British expatriates will be able to vote in next year´s general election. At the moment only Britons who have lived outside Britain for less than 15 years have the right to vote which some Members of Parliament (MPs) believe is a great injustice. The Conservative Party have said that if they win the next general election they will abolish the 15-year-rule but some Tories want expats to have the vote now rather than latter.  Leading the campaign is Conservative Member of Parliament Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, who spends the summer months in Deya.  Clifton-Brown presented a Bill to parliament this week calling for the vote block to the be abolished. “It’s about time that this wrong is put right”. However, he acknowledged: “It’s difficult to get a controversial Bill like this one through. Being realistic I think it’s unlikely, but you never know.”
He added that the Bill would go through if it was adopted by the Government, but since the Conservatives are in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, this is unlikely to happen. 


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