Higher taxes or a further big cut in public services? This is the option which is awaiting the next British government because the coalition has failed to balance the books. Britain, like a crazed shopper during the days of credit galore, is spending more than it actually earns. Alot more. The Chancellor, George Osborne, has been forced to carry on borrowing and the debt mountain grows. It seems rather outrageous that the goverment continues to borrow but advices households to be careful with their money to avoid a return of the credit crunch. Now, no-one wants another cut in public services but higher taxes will dent the economic recovery. So perhaps the Chancellor should raid the budget for international aid which stands at almost eleven billion pounds. Prime Minister David Cameron may win praise on the world stage but Britain simply can´t afford to give to others when it is borrowing heavily to balance the books. Charity starts at home Mr Osborne.


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