Dear Sir,
What a great idea and an obvious solution to the winter flights, or lack of, scenario to Majorca and the rest of the beautiful Balearic Islands. ‘Air Balear’ say it loud and say it proud, say it to everyone, say it often, promote the idea as far as you can.
What would it mean? Well for a start it would finally give the Balearics control of their tourist industry. No longer would they be reliant on the whims of tour operators and airlines, it would become what it should be, a destination for all seasons benefitting not only holidaymakers but also, and equally importantly, residents of the Islands.
We have come a long way over the past few years with so many travellers now having the confidence to ‘go it alone’ with the rise of the independent traveller. There is however, still an element of dictatorship preventing free movement between the UK and the Balearics at certain times of the year so surely now is the time to stand up and say enough is enough. Maybe a petition could be started and also a fair bit of lobbying would also help so come on, no more complaining and doing nothing, give it a voice and make sure that voice is heard. It’s time for some people power and who knows it might just work and by this time next year the news on winter holidaymakers and travellers could be a bit more promising.
Ann Marsden
Dewsbury UK


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