Urdangarin: faces lengthy jail sentence. His wife could escape with a fine.

09-12-2014ALBERT GEA - REUTERS - X01398

Palma.—The Spanish State Prosecution Service is seeking a nineteen and a half year prison service for Iñaki Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma, for allegedly embezzling public funds. But the prosecution believes that his wife, the Infanta Cristina,(sister to King Felipe)  has no case to answer and should be cleared of any wrong doing but should pay a public liability bond alongside her husband.
The prosecution is seeking a 16 year jail sentence for the Duke´s former business partner, Diego Torres. They are both accused of embezzling 6.2 million euros in public funds from the local governments of the Balearics, Valencia and Madrid.
The prosecutor, Pedro Horrach, accused Urdangarin and Torres of creating a series of “phantom companies” to cover their alleged embezzlement.
 Horrach said that the Infanta and her husband should pay a “civil responsibility bond” of 587,000 euros. While the prosecution maintains that she is not a suspect of any crime she benefited from the money which had allegedly been defrauded by her husband. In this way the Infanta will not have to go to court to face trial. Also, Urdangarian and Torres have been ordered to repay the money they allegedly embezzled from local government coffers. They are accused of defrauding 2.6 million euros from the Balearic government, 3.5 million euros from the Valencia  regional government and the Madrid government, 114,000 euros.


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