THE local authorities announced yet another crackdown on Magalluf yesterday and I will not bore you with the details, suffice to say that it is very similar to the crackdown which was announced this time last year. In other-words we are talking zero tolerance all washed down with a crack Guardia Civil unit and possibly the help of the British police. But what I found interesting about the presentation yesterday was a single word uttered by the Government Delegate, Teresa Palmer. She said that part of the lawlessness in Magalluf last summer was caused by a lack of education. This is the full quote of what she said:“Magalluf is not a lawless resort, the problems were caused by anti social behaviour and a lack of education.” A lack of education? So now you need to get an education to go on holiday! Iknow what she meant in other words she was saying that the youth of Great Britain have not been educated about the dangers of excessive drinking and bad behaviour. But I don´t think that you can blame the youth of Great Britain totally for Magalluf´s ills. If the resort was properly policed, existing laws enforced there wouldn´t be a major problem. Also, the majority of people who go on holiday to Magalluf during the peak summer months are under the age of 25. In some cases it is their first foreign holiday without their parents.  You can educate people all you like about excessive drinking but if the law was properly enforced it wouldn´t be a problem.


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