THE new crackdown, (yet another one!) launched for Magalluf depends on one and only thing;that  the new laws will be enforced by the police. The campaign launched in the Playa de Palma last summer was successful because scores of additional officers were sent into resort to ensure that the council’s new code of conduct was not being broken. And Magalluf needs to do the same. Some business owners have frequently told me that they would like to see more officers on patrol in Magalluf. Now, the local authorities have promised to send a new rapid reaction Guardia Civil unit to Magalluf but more officers are going to be needed. Banning the consumption of alcohol on the street is going to be difficult to enforce especially when you have thousands of people in Calle Punta Ballena. And the legislation needs to be clear. Can you drink alcohol on the beach? There is also a danger that the local authorities will be taking the fun out of Magalluf which could lead to a dip in bookings next summer. While, I have always said in this space that Magalluf needed to clean up its image I think that the local authorities should have got the business community on board before they introduced all the new legislation. Bringing Magalluf under control is not going to be an easy task. If the local authorities go too far then it will lead to a major drop in bookings and if they do nothing they risk a repeat of last summer. It is a fine line. 


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