Law and order is going to be strongly enforced in the resort this summer.

10-07-2014J. BARCELO

The Bulletin reported yesterday that Magalluf was going to have its cards marked from now on and yesterday, moves to root out anti social and illegal activities in the resort were approved by the government, Calvia Council and the hoteliers.

Palma.—Among the measures implemented are new regulations banning antisocial behaviour, the introduction of combined international police patrols, which will include agents of the British police, and a new administrative status for Magalluf as mature tourist destination.
The incidents that took place last summer in Magalluf have highlighted the difficulties that this area of Calvia faces due to antisocial behaviour.

Negative effect
These incidents have a negative effect on Magalluf’s image, which in turn impacts on Majorca’s reputation and the image of the Balearics as a tourist destination.
The Balearic Government and all the regional authorities and associations involved have agreed unanimously that neither the practices undertaken by some businesses nor the antisocial behaviour of a small number of tourists will be tolerated.
For this reason a number of measures have been put in place to improve the current situation, raise standards and develop mature areas.


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