Armengol and Sanchez in Palma on Friday night.

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The Secretary General of the PSOE Socialist Party, Pedro Sanchez, toured Palma yesterday telling the electorate that his party will right the PP’s wrongs. Sanchez, who is currently riding high in the opinion polls compared to the Partido Popular Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, addressed the party faithful at a rally at the Pueblo Español on Friday night and yesterday, took to the streets of Palma.
During a walkabout from the Plaza Olivar to the Plaza Mayor, Sanchez was mobbed by supporters and he told them that, Francina Armengol, leader of the Socialist Party in the Balearics and candidate for President and the forthcoming local elections, is the ideal person to “right all the wrongs which have been committed by the PP in the Balearics.”
Sanchez said that Armengol, a former President of the Council of Majorca, “will repair the social rift which has been caused by the PP since they came to power in 2011.”
And, he does not appear to be wrong.
The results of a poll carried out by the Balearic Institute for Social Studies this week for the Bulletin sister paper Ultima Hora, has revealed that the PP stands to lose control of Palma with the Socialists gaining support and the threat of the new party Podemos also making important in roads.
Sanchez said one of the biggest mistakes the President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza, has made during his legislature is trying to enforce the highly unpopular and controversial trilingual educational curriculum TIL.
“All this served to do was split society even more and I have called on the Prime Minister to try and build bridges with politicians so that the government can provide the social justice the electorate is calling for,” Sanchez said.
“And, the first step is to install some stability in the education system,” he added.
“With regards to TIL, what Bauza can not do is take advantage of his position of power and try to force in education reforms which only serve to divide Balearic society.
“This is his responsibility and I am convinced that one of the main reasons the PP will lose the next elections is because of the social divide Bauza has created and the confrontation he has caused by interfering with one of  the most important social elements which is education.
“If Armengol is elected in 2015, I am convinced she will repair all of the damage which has been done.”
Sanchez also criticised Rajoy and Bauza for failing to have recognised the problems the Balearics face as an insular region, especially with regards to air transport and financing.
“Politicians in Madrid have to be extra sensitive to the needs of the country’s more insular regions, such as the Balearics and we, the Socialists are well aware of that.”


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