Michael Douglas is selling his home on Majorca and the local authorities have announced a major crackdown in Magalluf...these have been the key stories this week in Majorca. A letter to the editor this week said that perhaps Douglas was saying farewell to his beloved Majorca because of all the bad press the island was receiving thanks to Magalluf. I don´t think that this is the case but the image of Majorca has been tarnished by the infamous Calvia resort. The fact that the local authorities are taking action made headline news in Britain so it clearly shows how important the resort is for the Great British public. As we all know there is far more to Majorca than Magalluf and there is more  to Magalluf than Calle Punta Ballena. But a single street in a single resort has ensured that Majorca has been in the news for most of the year for the wrong reasons. So it is farewell to Michael Douglas which is big shame and it is also farewell to the old Magalluf which is no shame at all.