Dear Sir,
It is great news that something positive is going to happen in Magalluf, but aiming all at the young party animals up the strip is not the answer.
They are all in one area that can be policed and monitored to allow them to enjoy a bit of fun.
 It is all the prostitutes and muggers and pimps that come in at night and are all over the resort that are the bad image for the resort.
Also all the looky looky men with fake goods. I am in my 60s now and have come to Magalluf 4 times a year for the last 25 years and don’t feel safe any where in the resort after midnight. Please sort this problem out first for the older holiday makers and the local bar owners.
Yours hoping,
Steve T.

Dear Sir,
What a positive move to re-create Magalluf, and to remove the selfish, ignorant people who have reduced the atmosphere and quality of what was once a family-focussed pleasant resort.
Let’s hope that other similarly polluted resorts in other countries will follow this courageous lead.
Barbara Joyce, UK