Dear Sir,
We are often slow to give praise where it’s due, and quick to hurl the odd brickbat, but may I through the auspices of the MDB ask for thanks to be given to the Palma City Council for the fantastic decoration of the City this Christmas.
We went in last night for last minute bits and bobs, as we do every year, and I can honestly say we have never seen it looking so beautiful. We have just returned from a cruise visiting 14 ports of call in 7 different countries, and every time we returned to the ship, we both said that not one of them could hold a candle to Palma, especially the approach and arrival in port.
Sometimes you have to go away from somewhere to view the familiar with different eyes on your return, and we both felt how enormously privileged we are to live here.
I have heard it said before by friends who are frequent cruisers, that when on a Mediterranean cruise, Palma is always the most beautiful sight of all the ports to arrive in.
We have never cruised into Palma, but after all the ports we have visited in the last three weeks, we can now understand why.
Heartiest congratulations to whoever it is who is responsible for this year’s Christmas lights - a stunning job, particularly when arriving at the entrance of Antonio Maura, and looking up the Borne.

John and Sallie Woodford


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