The evacuation process at Gatwick airport.


Former British resident, Leanne Milburn-Turner, who used to work at Mulligans Bar in Magalluf, was on board the stricken Virgin plane heading to Las Vegas on her honeymoon on Monday.

Palma.—Leanne, who is now a member of cabin crew for easyJet, still has a host of close friends on the island and she returns as often as possible, but on Monday Leanne and her husband Matt Turner, were all set for a honeymoon of a lifetime  in Las Vegas.
However, as millions of TV viewers watched across the country, their honeymoon and the holidays and trips of the other 445 passengers and 15 crew did not get off to the perfect start.
The  Virgin Atlantic passenger plane landed safely at  Gatwick Airport, from where it had taken off,  after discovering a problem with part of its main landing gear and was forced to return.
The 13-year-old aircraft had left Gatwick for the US at 11:30 GMT.
After detecting the problem, the aircraft needed to fly holding patterns over Devon and then Sussex to dump fuel in order to be light enough to land.
Before the successful conclusion to the incident, Virgin announced the plane would be carrying out a “non-standard landing procedure” at Gatwick airport. It finally landed at 16.00 GMT.


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