WELL another year draws to a close in Majorca and I think that for the first time in five years we can see the green shoots of economic recovery. At last I hear you say but all is far from rosy in the garden of Majorca. The gap between those that have and those that don´t continues to grow. Forget the busy restaurants and high streets, poverty is a real problem on this island. Infact, child poverty is even higher here than in most parts of the mainland.  The gulf between the rich and poor continues to grow. There are at least 80,000 people without a job in the Balearics and thousands are surviving on a government handout because they are no longer entitled to unemployment benefit. Majorca is a paradise but if you scratch slightly along the surface you will find that there are important social problems. It seems incredible that eventhough the tourist industry generates millions of euros every day during the summer months that we still have a poverty problem. One of the most simple ways of resolving the poverty crisis would be to have a longer tourist season which would provide all year-around employment. There is more to this island than just the sun and the beach. I am afraid to say that local politicians appear to be happy with a short season. While many make enough money to last all year around, others don´t, hence the poverty problem. So my wish for 2015 is that Majorca will finally become a 365 holiday destination.


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