THE Partido Popular are ahead in the opinion polls once again despite a surge in support for the new protest party, Podemos, and a fresh challenge from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). You  can safely say that this is a direct result of the improving economic situation because apart from the economic revival, the Partido Popular has done little both nationwide and in the Balearics. Infact, it could be argued that they have split Spain, with their no-nonsense approach to Catalonian independence and in the Balearics, the government´s three language learning system has caused a major split. But the Partido Popular have obviously done their homework. Their traditional supports fully support the government´s stance on Catalonia and many believe that the Balearic government is right to introduce the three language learning system despite all the opposition and its failed introduction. When you have money in your pocket and your future is looking rosy are you going to vote for change? Well, not really. You are going to stick with the party which has delivered the alleged economic miracle. And I think  this is what has happened in Spain. This festive period I have noticed that people have more money to spend. Restaurants and shops are packed.  There is a feel-good-factor after years of recession. And the Partido Popular are taking the credit. It is not deserved but tax cuts obviously help.


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