Jeremy Kyle filming in Magalluf at the height of the sex game scandals last summer.

10-07-2014eresa Ayuga

TV presenter Jeremy Kyle caused a sensation when he popped up in Magalluf with a film crew in the middle of the summer and later this week, the result of his investigation will be revealed on prime time ITV.

Palma.—Kyle’s new series called The Kyle Files begins this Thursday evening and the six part investigative series covers a range of topics, including young drinkers and that is what brought him to Majorca.
Unfortunately, he arrived in the resort right at the height of the sex for alcohol games scandal which attracted global media attention.
However, so tense did the situation get in Magalluf with the resort full of international media, the presenter was attacked with pepper-spray by a Magalluf nightclub bouncer “because he thought the TV presenter was making the resort look bad”.
The 40-year-old Romanian nightclub bouncer called Leon took exception to Kyle’s ‘commercial rubbish’ - and decided to take matters into his own hands.
Leon - who said he would happily spray Kyle again said “He was walking down the strip with a camera making it look s**t. He wasn’t showing the good side of Magalluf.
‘”I don’t like that sort of publicity - it’s not good. It’s been happening for a while now and it’s definitely not the way to promote a place. He ran away behind the corner.” This week’s first episode is about Legal highs. Figures show deaths from legal substances which mimic the effect of illegal drugs have doubled in the past four years.  Kyle speaks to a teenager who had a near-fatal heart attack after taking a legal high and finds out how some high street stores sell potentially dangerous drugs over the counter.


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