A known group of gypsies have moved into the famous La Paz ranch in s’Aranjassa and are refusing to move until a Palma court reaches a decision.

Palma.—The property, which was fitted with the most advanced state-of-the art equipment for training and caring for horses belongs to a British woman, she inherited it from her British husband who passed away two years ago.
However, for family reasons, the owner has been having to pop back and forth to the UK to keep an eye on her 90-year-old mother who is ill. Nevertheless, a team of two domestic helpers, farm hands and engineers etc. remain looking after the ranch which covers an area of over 30,000 square metres.
However, in September, the owner had to jet back to the UK and this is when the  group of gypsy families broke into the property.
They were actually caught red handed by the domestic staff who called the police and they subsequently arrested the would be squatters because they were caught in the act of  damaging private property and breaking in.
But, in the middle of all this, another family of gypsies arrived on the scene claiming that they had a contract which had been signed by an intermediary and which gave them permission to live on the property, worth at least two million euros and on which  a monthly mortgage of 3,000 euros has to be paid, for 750 euros per month.


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