By Jason Moore

THE profile we publish today of one of the men wanted for the brutal attack on the French magazine Charlie Hedbo, makes familiar reading. A young man, who was more interested in girls and smoking dope than defending the Prophet Mohammad is then radicalised and turned into a vicious killer who is prepared to murder and attack in a country that he  calls home.   The biggest threat which the West is facing is the relative easy in which youngsters, who have enjoyed a western education and lifestyle, can be radicalised and turned into vicious killers who are willing to hunt and murder.  Hundreds of western youngsters  have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight for the Islamic State, a barbaric organisation. The biggest battle is to stop the radicalistion and hunt down those responsible. This is not just the job of the government and the security services, it should be the job of all involved. The alarm needs to be raised before it is too late. It is a two front battle. To stop those who have been radicalised from doing harm and to halt the radicalisation process in the first place.   This is almost a community project with all involved from parents, teachers and police officers. The “enemy within”will only continue to spread if young people can be radicalised with relative ease.  It is a battle of education which needs to be fought on the home front. If you stop the radicalisation you will go a long way to stopping the horrific attacks.


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