There was one notable absence at the march through Paris on Sunday following last week´s terror attacks. It was a time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the French people and give terrorism the elbow. But the Obama administration was missing. Even though the U.S. is the undisputed heavyweight in the fight on terrorism and has called on French support to attack Islamic State, the Obama administration felt that their ambassador was enough. Well no, sorry. If other world leaders can travel to Paris to show their support, I am sure that President Barack Obama, could do likewise.  Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier in the week that France was the U.S.´s oldest ally and his speech in French obviously gave the French people the world-wide support they needed. Until Sunday of course. Now, the French media hardly mentioned the fact that the Obama administration was missing but the U.S. media certainly did and quite rightly so. Now, whatever the reasons Obama has once again made a big foreign policy mistake. French President Francois Hollande has been a good ally of the United States. He was willing to join the U.S. for attacks on Syria and also sent military aircraft to tackle Islamic State. Hollande and the French people deserved better. I know that John Kerry will be visiting France shortly but  he should have been in Paris on Sunday. Too little, too late.


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