There is no demand, it is too cold in Majorca during the winter are just some of the rather poor excuses used by the travel industry to  explain why Majorca effectively closes its doors for business during the low season.But  it was refreshing yesterday to hear from the budget airline, Ryanair, which said that it would certainly fly to Majorca from Britain and Ireland during the low season if landing fees at Palma airport were reduced. The ball is now firmly in the court of the Spanish airport authorities. So Majorca, if you want winter tourists all you have to do is to slash the costs. Simple. So perhaps the time has finally come to decide whether or not Majorca really wants winter tourists. Cutting landing fees should not be a problem, the Spanish Airport Authority is owned by the Spanish government and more winter  tourists means more revenue for the Spanish government. I explained to Ryanair yesterday that the shortage of winter flights was causing concern for both visiting tourists and holiday home owners from Britain and also expats who want to return “home.” They replied that it was a simple question of costs. You can´t charge the same during the summer as you do in the winter, Ryanair argued. And they have a point. So Airport Authority, winter tourism is a phone call away. Make Ryanair an offer and any other airline who wants  to operate here during the winter and get the ball rolling. The time for poor excuses is over.


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