The dog that died last Sunday. | E. B.

Puerto Pollensa—What in heaven’s name is going on in Puerto Pollensa? Seven dogs have now died as a consequence of ingesting poison, and the cases are no longer confined to the dog-friendly part of Llenaire beach. They have occurred as far apart as in front of the Club Pollentia on the coast road to Alcudia and opposite the Uyal hotel. Vets seem to think that a poison to kill snails is being used, but there is still some uncertainty as to this. Regardless of what poison it is, the situation is deplorable.
The first instances of poisoning occurred in the summer of 2013. Following these, Pollensa Town Hall requested the installation of security cameras at the dog beach and nearby on the promenade.
The office of the government’s delegate in the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, which has responsibility for such decisions, felt that such a measure would be disproportionate. The town hall is now asking again for cameras. It is also going to make it mandatory for dogs to be muzzled when they are in the relevant areas - this would be for the dogs own safety - and to further remind owners that dogs have to be on a leash.
This would not, however, get over the problem of dogs being allowed out unattended, so the town hall is really going to have get tough on this as well.
There is a worry that the poisonings could have an adverse impact on tourism, though one wonders quite how much tourism there has been as a result of the dog beach having been established.
Nevertheless, the cases do nothing for the image of Puerto Pollensa, and so it must be hoped that the hateful person responsible for these appalling acts is discovered. But that is much easier said than done.