I think Derek Brampton in his Letter to the Editor today is correct about Majorca. He underlines the fact that there is much more to the island than just the beach and of course its tourist resorts. Also, I agree with Andy Rawson who says that perhaps it is too cold this time of the year to attract tourists. But to get the ball rolling I think the local authorities should be promoting Palma as the winter holiday destination for the island. Let’s face it until the airlines, hoteliers and the tour operators reach an accord the resorts are not going to open in the low season. But Palma is open. The majority of hotels are open and there is plenty happening. Also, there are some first class restaurants offering food at relatively cheap prices. If you fancy venturing into the interior of the island I am always amazed at the number of events which take place in towns like Inca and to a lesser extent Manacor.  A small winter holiday programme should be in place for those who love the Majorcan countryside and its way of life.  Ryanair have already said that they are prepared to operate more flights to the islands from Britain and Ireland if the airport authorities reduce landing fees at the airport. I would urge the airport authorities to accept this offer and just reduce fees for two or three months during the low season. It is certainly worth a try. If Majorca can attract 50,000 or 100,000 winter tourists over the winter months it is great news for the local economy. So let’s be bold, let’s do it!


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