It would appear that someone may have taken their eye off the ball on Calvia Council. Surely, on the local authority’s legal team, someone must have known that the order to ban pub crawls has to come from a more senior body such as the Balearic or central government.
News that Calvia Council does not have the power to out law pub crawls will come as  set back to the council’s efforts to instal some law and order in Magalluf and other hot spot resorts and crack down on anti social behaviour. Granted, just as the season starts, there are the local elections and the political picture could change, but in the mean time, the council needs to be working for the good of the general public and local community, regardless of what the political future brings.
Tens of millions of euros are currently  being invested by private companies in new hotels and attractions for this season and assurances have been given by the local authority that there will be no repeat of the drunken and disorderly behaviour that grabbed the world’s attention last year.
The Sunday Times recently rated the new BHMallorca resort in Magalluf, which is due to open at the end of April with the world’s first adults only water park, as the 16th best place to spend a holiday  this summer in the world.
So, the spotlight is going to be on Magalluf more than ever, so someone needs to get their eye back on the ball.


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