Kyle and his crew were rushed out of Magalluf.

10-07-2014T. AYUGA

Thursday night’s Kyle Files about young drinkers was an insight into what goes on in the UK on weekends but his so-called Magalluf expose failed.This was the third episode in what has been described  as a hard-hitting series of  in-depth investigations into a number of topics effecting young people.
The synopsis for Thursday evening’s prime time episode was: Lurid headlines about youngsters drinking to excess have led to a perception that young British people have a problem with alcohol. Jeremy speaks to police and ambulance services who clear up afterwards, visits party mecca Magalluf, and back in the UK uses undercover reporters to find out how straightforward it is to get served underage.”
I know here on the island there was great expectation amongst those who wanted to see how Kyle tackled Magalluf and the presenter getting pepper sprayed while trying to enter a night club.
Kyle was lucky, he was in the middle of producing the documentary when the  scandal of alcohol for sex games blew up in Magalluf and, as we saw on the documentary, ITV received news of the press conference about the pub crawls and what happened.
So he and his crew thought they were on to a winner and flew straight down to Majorca.
He, his crew and security team filmed the strip, he was seen trying to give pub crawl organiser Carnage’s Paul Smith a hard time and then  being pepper sprayed and rushed out of Magalluf by his security team and that was that  - he did sign a few autographs though.
All the images we saw appeared in the media last summer along with the story, so nothing new there. In fact, it was all a bit dated and to some extent, pointless.


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